What Is ClaimsOffice.Com?

ClaimsOffice.Com is a multi-functional platform operated by Electronic Claims Services to connect insurers with repair shops and other third party service providers, simplify the claims process, facilitate communications, and harness the resulting data to fuel smart business decisions. We offer repair program management tools with the ability to upload estimates from any estimating system and track progress over the life of an assignment, as well as a variety of web tools for accessing claim information from anywhere, including our new ClaimsOffice.Com mobile app.

Though our site offers many tools ready-made for the auto insurance industry, we love coming up with custom solutions tailor-made to your company’s individual needs. Could a new web application save valuable time for your staff? Let us brainstorm for you.

Our Story

More than 20 years ago, Electronic Claims Services was founded by experienced auto insurance professionals looking to provide a needed service to the industry. Like all businesses at the time, we relied on fax and ‘snail mail,’ spent hours printing and sorting documents, and painstakingly generated all reports by hand. But as we grew alongside the industry, we soon recognized the potential of web-based applications and the inevitability of ‘going paperless’—we developed the prototype for ClaimsOffice.Com, and our company goals pivoted permanently to forecasting industry needs and innovating online solutions.

We understand firsthand that the needs of the auto insurance business are changing rapidly, and digitalization is an ever-growing part of the change. That's why we build solutions that are compatible with the client systems you already have in place, and provide ClaimsOffice.Com as an easy-to-use online "office" your business can use instead of taking on the expensive cost of creating similar database compatible platforms within your own web service client.

Virtually Local

Though we’re at home online, we’re proud to be headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We started small, and we strive today to stay close to the small local business ethic that began it all, partnering with local vendors when possible and supporting the community that supports us. We’re proud to be able to say that when you pick up the phone or type an email to our knowledgeable support staff, the response you receive is from one of our own right here in the Pacific Northwest.

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